Meet the Coaches

Chris Bushard

A Coach with a Remarkable Impact

Background & Achievements 

  • 2023 US National Team Coach

  • 2023 USAG Region 2  Contributor of the Year.

  • Current Co-owner of Velocity Gymnastics in Hamilton, Montana.

  • Team Gymnastics Instructor at Roots Gymnastics in Missoula,

  • State Director for the Montana Tops Program.

  • Former region 2 Gymnastics Camp Clinician

  • Former Team Gymnastics Instructor at Mismo Gymnastics in Missoula, Lone Mountain in Bozeman, Montana, and Big Sky Gymnastics in Havre, Montana.


  • Psychology Degree from Montana State University

  • Master's and a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology from the University of Montana.

  • Published author with work in various subjects.

  • Member of the American Psychology Association

Meet Chris Bushard - an exceptional gymnastics coach, dedicated educator, and a true motivator. Coach Chris hopes to redefine the art of coaching in the sport of gymnastics. Coach Chris brings a unique approach that combines his expertise in the field of psychology with his passion for gymnastics, which has made him one of the most sought-after coaches in the sport.  

Chris Bushard is not just a coach; he is a mentor, a motivator, and a guide. His influence extends beyond the gymnastics floor.  

Madeleine Fay-Covington

Bridging Science and Gymnastics Excellence

Gymnastics Background 

  • 8 years in youth gymnastics

  • More than 5 years coaching experience, both in recreation and competition gymnastics


  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

  • Bachelor's Degree Neuroscience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology

  • Certified Laboratory Scientist

Maddie is an inspiring mentor who values the power of the mind as much as the strength of the body. Her commitment to fostering both physical and mental growth in her gymnasts is a testament to her passion for the sport and a reflection of the ethos that GymnastIQ stands for.  Drawing from her educational background and her personal experience as a gymnast, Coach Maddie has developed a holistic coaching approach that addresses not only physical strength and technique but also mental agility and resilience.  

Cassy Lewis

Shaping Futures with Expertise and Care

Cassy Lewis, aside from being a coach at GymnastIQ, and the Great Falls Gymnastics Academy.  Cassy is a curator of culture and confidence.   She has been serving as The Team Instructor for The Great Falls Gymnastics Academy in Great Falls, Montana since 2008. 

Beyond her coaching skills, Cassy is known for her ability to inspire, empower, and uplift her students. Her approach to coaching is future-oriented; she puts in the work today building confidence, and belief in her athletes so they are more prepared for the future. 

Jordan Clark

Discipline, Leadership, and Inspiring the Next Generation

  • 12 years in competitive gymnastics 

  • 5 years experience as a gymnastics coach 

Jordan Clark's journey in the world of gymnastics has not only been about winning medals and achieving personal bests. At its core, it's about the life lessons and values that the sport has imparted on her.  Jordan's coaching philosophy is a reflection of her personal experiences and the profound impact gymnastics has had on her life. She continues to inspire her athletes with the same passion and commitment that she brought to her own gymnastics career.